For an ever growing number of cycle tourists in the Netherlands, but also abroad, the second Saturday in August is reserved for the legend of the road classic. Many a cycle amateur longs to climb such slopes as the Chambralles, Wanne, Stockeu and of course La Redoute and to taste the atmosphere connected to this event.

At the 36rd edition of this classic ride a maximum of 3.500 participants are expected at the start in Liege.

The routes of this classic are completely signed out and include as many smaller and quieter roads as possible.

You can register online via this site from March 18, 2018 until the limit of 3.500 participants has been reached. Please notice there will be no registration at the start.



You can register online till August 09, 2018.

As soon as your online registration has been received by us you will receive an e-mail confirmation.

August 09, 2018 at the latest you will receive your registration number. With this registration number you can pick up your items for participation at the start in Liege.

This can be done at the following times:

Friday 10th August between 16.00 and 20.00 hours
Saturday 11th August between 6.00 and 9.00 hours

Payment by credit card
Foreigners without a bank account in the Netherlands should pay their entry fee by credit card (only by pre-entry). As from July we will collect entry fees.

Room division
In case you desire a certain room division, you should indicate this on your entry form. Applying for a certain room division in a later stage is not possible.

No refund whatsoever will take place.
Cancellations can only be made in writing.

A. Participation LBL Ardennen Classic only
125 km Euro 26,50
170 km Euro 29,00
230 km Euro 31,50

Included in entry fee:

  • Clearly marked route and route description
  • Handlebar plate (required)
  • Technical support cars on the route
  • First aid at each control point
  • Various refreshments en route
  • Souvenir


The start takes place at the Country Hall, Allée du Bol d’Air, 19, 4031 Angleur in Luik.

On Saturday morning you will be directed to parking space in the vicinity of the start.

Starting times
230 kilometres: between 7.00 and 8.00 hours
167 kilometres: between 7.30 and 8.30 hours
125 kilometres: between 8.00 and 9.00 hours


Although the most difficult part is situated in the last 80 km, one cannot say that this tour has a ‘flat’ start. In fact the first part should not be underestimated! After the separation of the other distances, the 125 km route rejoins the other distances just before the Rosier.

As relief cars on the cycle routes are found to be annoying by many participants, a special deviation route has been designed. This brings the drivers regularly together again with the cyclists. In case of bike trouble the participants can call upon one of the cars of the organization present on the routes or upon the posts of the organization.

The various routes are still subject to editing. These are expected to be available on this site mid April..

Route 125 km (1800 m)

Route 170 km (2600 m)

Route 230 km (3700 m)

Rules of conduct

1. Wearing a crash helmet is required.
2. One has to comply with the local traffic rules;
3. One has to follow the instructions of the traffic wardens and the organisation;
4. Mind the environment; we explicitly request you not to throw empty cans, wrappers etc in the street or the verge.


Contact address:
Le Champion
Postbus 5029
1802 TA Alkmaar
The Netherlands

Le Champion, phone +31-72-5338136 (office hours)
Wim de Boer, phone +31-251-293432
Marjan Zaadnoordijk, phone +31-251-314820